994.7 miles

i don't need no tlc

all i need is thc


Purple Dinosaur Succulent DIY Kit, $30
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my laptop is warmer than my heart 

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Frida Kahlo’s “Wounded Deer”
Done by Sean Arnold at Alchemy Tattoo in Silverlake, CA
submitted by http://thechargingsky.tumblr.com
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"Two Mamas" an illustration for Mother’s Day that will be available as a card and print, TOMORROW 4/23/14 in my Etsy shop!
Phoebe Wahl 2014
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Shane Drinkwater, Conversation with Stars 
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america is cool tho like okay politically and socially nah but if you wanna get down to the culture and geography there’s plenty here you could spend yr whole life traveling around america and never see half of it like do u get it we have mountains and beaches and rivers and canyons and lakes and every language and background and age and big cities and small towns and museums and hmmm well i guess i sound kinda patriotic fuck that but THE NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT is really cool and incredible  


"Lisa Frank Vacation Destinations"
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Kaali crater in Saaremaa
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